11,000 Sq. Feet of Bonded Warehouse in Trafford Park

CS Brunt has 11,000 sq. feet of warehouse space, based in Trafford Park. 

Here at CS Brunt, we are proud to operate a HMRC bonded storage facility with our own extensive bonded warehouse. This service complements our comprehensive UK distribution service within our freight division of the EFS Group.

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Bonded Warehouses

A bonded storage facility is a space in which the payment of duty and VAT on goods stored within can be deferred until the goods are sold and/or removed from storage.

A bonded warehouse is therefore effectively a duty-free zone, similar to a port.

There are two main advantages of storing goods in a bonded warehouse:

  • Traders benefit from substantial savings through deferment of tax payment.
  • Duty need not be paid on imported goods which are intended for re-export.

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